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Taking a casino junket is excitiing. It can also be expensive. That's why we have created 7 ways for you to defer the cost of your trips. For the first time, you will have the opportunity to make money every time you or your friends and family travels to a casino. Plus, you can also earn by helping other players. That's because the Casino Players Club offers everything from live and video instruction, to gaming gear. More importantly, by becoming an affiliate, you can earn money every time you or your friends buy any service or product from the club. If you are looking for a way to maximize your casino enjoyment while minimizing your risk, fill out the form at left to become an affiliate today.

7 Ways to Earn:

  • Book a trip, get a check.
  • Buy gaming gear, get a check.
  • Recruit your friends and get paid when they buy.
  • Get paid when you or your friends take a course.
  • Get a bonus live practice session when you buy 10.
  • Make money when you take a casino trip.
  • Get more comps every time you play.