No Such Thing as a Free Lumch!

Don't Play Into the Casino's Hands

Everyone knows that casinos are glamorous. They can also be treacherous to the uninitiated. It just staggers the mind when you realize the number of ways that players can be separated from their money. If it isn't by playing some of the worst games in the house , it is by not knowing how to work the pit boss to get a comp. That's why the Casino Player's Club offers player's education along with some of the best deals on casino junkets. Having played professionally on both sides of the gaming tables for more than 20 years, I understand all too well that if you really want to enjoy all the benefits that the casinos have to offer, then you can't start by playing right into their hands. Along with videos that teach you how to exploit games that favor the player, we also offer live training every Tuesday and Thursday evening. If you are interested in learning more call Carl at (904) 351-8786 to arrange a free lesson. What do you have to lose, other than the house edge.

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